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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Seraphim and Cherubim are all about us now, the benevolent presence exists among us to ignite what we shall do to create and manifest change in a good cause. Do not waste your precious time or energy focusing on the deeds that take you further from God's purpose for you. Stay steadfast in FAITH, Walk with the ARMOR of our ancestors. Everything is changing and appearing as chaos. From this comes order. Divine and natural law always has been and will be.


Align yourself with the spirit of VICTORY and not defeat. The mind has been the largest challenge as it is inhabited by thoughts and programming that is not of organic coding. There will be many who line up to defend the perpetrators. Those who attempt to and have hijacked many one’s consciousnesses and cut off the genes which remember divinity, believing they are doing what is right.

In order to reestablish that we are living MAAT, that we are breathing LIFE, we must remain disciplined and devoted to the great cycles and divine. We must give the greatest care to ourselves and our children, we must seek to be greater than we have ever been, breaking shackles of cyclic programming, owning up to our lesser existence, and fortifying. The future is bright for those whose eyes open beyond this holographic reality template. The strength begins by activating and purifying this temple body that we inhabit here NOW.

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