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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Many of us are dealing with shadow work. Some consciously, others unconsciously. The world in a huge shadow phase and what comes of it will determine the future. See the fear, the projection, the anger as your teacher. What is it coming to inform you of?

Does the shadow exist without light?

As alchemists we recognize the importance of facing, making peace with, acknowledging the shadow.

As a lightworker, you would naturally be a shadow worker in the total essence of what it means to do #Lightwork

#Shamans go into the darkness to bring back the pieces needed to alchemize into the light. To know oneself is to know and be with both.

I couldn't shine as bright as I do, without having been in the depths of darkness.

Initiations can last minutes, months, years, lifetimes.

In our traditions, we sought to know. That's why you would come face to face with your parts that are normally hidden to have a better understanding of the medicine you carry and what you must let go of or integrate to advance to the next level. Vision Quests, Burial Rituals, Plant Ceremony, Dark Room Ceremony are just some ways that we learn to be with our shadows.

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