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Are you seeking clarity or guidance around a particular topic or situation in your life?


The Intuitive Energy Reading is an insightful tool to help you gain clarity during troubled times and to bring peace. Our intuitive readings are designed to help you understand your current situation and give you the courage and clarity to carve out a path for action. With the help of our spiritual guidance, you can explore the depths of your energy and find answers that will bring you a greater sense of peace and clarity.


The Intuitive Reading has three different options


1. One question basis

2. Particular area of interest or clarity around a particular situation

3. Full reading covering 3 areas of interest i.e. finance, relationship, health, etc. 


Sessions can be done over Zoom or via pre-recorded reading sent straight to your inbox

Intuitive Reading 1 ****1 Question Only***

$54.99 Regular Price
$49.49Sale Price
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