Let us dive deep into our inner psyche and emotions and unlock, release and rediscover the inner child. We are all going through a time of cleansing and reformation on Plant Earth. This time of awakening is here and it is up to you to reclaim the parts of yourself that have been buried and release the parts that are no longer in service to your next chapter. In tending to our inner child and it’s wounds and things that have been surpressed and forgotten, we are able to be healthy mature adults making better choices in our lives, in loving ourselves and in enhancing and improving our families and communities.

Registration is now open for Healing the Inner Child 1.0

This phenomenal offering begins February 10, 2021 and commences March 21, 2021 just in time for the Spring Equinox

We will meet Sundays at 4pm pst 7pm est - sessions run 1.5-2hrs

There is an introduction and meet on Wednesday February 10th at 5:30 pm pst 8:30 pm est our start day- this meeting will be 45 min. to 1 hr


The 6 Week Course/Program Includes​

 Inner Child Workbook
Private Group for support
Weekly Live class + virtual check in once a week via Zoom
Guided Meditation/Yoga &Movement 
Effective tools to assist in releasing and reprogramming your life to create what you desire
1on 1 Quantum Inner Child Healing Session
Food and Nutrition suggestions to optimize healing
Rituals and practices to heal and anchor in the energy of the new life you are designing
Curated playlists +music to heal/reprogram the subconscious
Dance Party
Transformation Ceremony upon completion


Week 1 

Dismantling the story 




The child and it’s needs to feel more healthy, whole and complete

Week 2 

Girl/ Boy Roles 


Divine Archetypes  

Introduction to Quantum Healing 

Week 3 


How it influences our relationships and business, confidence and life

The necessity of creating sacred space

Survive vs Thrive 

Setting the tone for safety 

Boundaries and communicating them


Week 4

Anchoring the Template 

The template of the healed child

The matured child 

The Sovereign adult 

Dance Party 

Week 5 

The healing benefits of Joy and Pleasure

Accessing the Quantum Field to create your desired life 

Week 6 

Reviewing of the previous 5 weeks

Recalibrating to a new energy and self 

Bonus Live Q&A 

Closing Ceremony 

there is a few more spots available for the $333 rate

To apply visit : https://form.jotform.com/201320869177861